E-commerce Trends to Act On Prior to Peak Shopping Seasons

8 e-commerce trends that your brand should be aware of to optimize your shopper's experience before peak

How Size Recommendation Influences AOV

Size recommendation is an easy to implement strategy with a direct correlation to shopper confidence and

How 3D Technology Will Shape the Future of Fashion

Greg Moore joined Supply Compass in a webinar panel discussion surrounding the state of 3D in the apparel

May 2021 WAIR Updates

Stay up to date with the newest product and news updates from WAIR.

Hi, We’re WAIR

Introducing WAIR. We help you communicate size and fit to your shoppers without

Fashion Sustainability Doesn’t Have to be a Myth

5.2% of the waste in our landfills are textiles and 20% of industrial

Q&A with WAIR Co-Founder/CEO Greg Moore

Greg Moore answers Apparel Retailers’ top 5 questions about size and

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