July 2021 WAIR Updates

WAIR’s founding vision was to develop solutions to help shoppers order the best fitting clothing while seamlessly capturing body dimension information to help brands align their businesses with the bodies of their shoppers. This month we took a big step towards accomplishing that vision with the release of our Order Insights feature within the Fit Advisor Platform.

Fit Advisor Product Updates

 In our July Release, you will find the following WAIR enhancements:

  • Our new Order Insights feature highlights the shopper bio and shape information conjoined with the size recommended and size purchased.
  • The Fit Advisor widget is now fully compliant with accessibility standards and works with screen readers and accessibility plugins.
  • User permissions are now standard within the WAIR Customer Dashboard. You can enable your customer support teams to use the Order Lookup page while protecting them from accessing other sensitive stats or site configurations.

Order Insights Feature

A preview of Wair's new Order insights feature

Order Insights conjoins a 3D representation of each shopper’s body with their shopping journey, purchasing behavior, product reviews, and returns information. Order Insights gives our customers a clear understanding of which body types are interacting with their brand. It is meant to be used in conjunction with other support tools but provides contextual information to help customer support teams offer a more personalized service to the shopper.

WAIR’s shopper body predictions are built atop its exclusive database of 2,000,000+ 3D body scans captured from around the globe. These accurate shopper body predictions enable WAIR to generate representative avatars for each unique shopper, which are then carefully aligned with their shopping journey. Learn more about the Order Insights Feature and how the Fit Advisor Platform can assist your brand with sizing and sustainability by requesting a demo.

“Our customers are constantly analyzing purchase, review, and returns data to squeeze the most profit out of their shopping experience, but until now, they never knew the body of the shopper.  For example, if 48% of shoppers leave a review stating the sizing is too small and 52% of shoppers leave a review stating that sizing is too big, what does the brand do? Until they know the shoppers’ bodies, they can’t make valuable quantitative decisions.”

Greg Moore, CEO of WAIR

ACTA is WAIR’s July, 2021 Feature Client

A group of women wearing ACTA clothing

ACTA is a global athleisure brand that provides sustainably made clothing for athletes of all shapes and sizes. While ACTA continues to enjoy success in the athleisure world, they wanted to ensure that returns remained low as to put more focus on their stated mission to “inspire athletes to pursue their best in and out of the gym.” After the implementation of WAIR’s Fit Advisor, ACTA decreased their return rate by 30% while maintaining focus on their core goals. Read the full case study here.

“Amongst the competition, With the WAIR Fit Advisor in place, ACTA could focus their attention on areas outside size communication and e-commerce product returns for size and fit.

Taylor Brown, CEO of ACTA

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