June 2021 WAIR Updates

The WAIR Fit Advisor is now being used on 5 of the 7 continents.  Even though summer is quickly upon us and our world is slowly transitioning back to normalcy, we’ve been hard at work making sure that everyone, regardless of region, platform, language, or units can access the benefits of confident size selection through the WAIR Fit Advisor.  We’ve also been invited to share our story with some great podcast hosts and have seen some amazing customer success.  Check out this month’s highlights below:

WAIR Podcast Features

Greg Moore discusses WAIR's Fit Advisor with Mindful Marketing Co

Mindful Marketing Co Featuring CEO Greg Moore

Size selection is far more complicated than it needs to be and size confusion leads to abandoned orders, size sampling, and high returns. This is not only a challenge for the shopper but a challenge for the brands as more retailers move to e-commerce.

In this episode, Greg Moore, CEO of WAIR, shares how their technology helps brand owners improve customer satisfaction, achieve higher conversions, and minimize returns.

Listen to the full episode here.

Fit Advisor Product Updates

WAIR's Fit Advisor in action

As global customers continue to integrate the WAIR Fit Advisor, we made it more convenient for shoppers. Now WAIR offers language support and unit variations. A few more updates can be seen below.

  • Multilingual support where default language is auto-detected based on shopper locale
  • Improved handling for UK and metric unit inputs
  • Support for custom e-commerce platforms

Linksoul is WAIR’s June, 2021 Feature Client

A man wearing a Linksoul jacket

Summertime has us all thinking about time outside, and for some of us, that means days on the golf course. Founded with golf, craftsmanship, and art at its roots, Linksoul felt they had low returns, but knew as they grew and attracted new shoppers that their returns would grow. They decided to get ahead of the curve by integrating WAIR’s Fit Advisor. Learn more through the case study here.

“WAIR provided frictionless and accurate size recommendations that kept shoppers focused on our brand.”

McGregor Button, VP of Marketing at Linksoul

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