May 2021 WAIR Updates

With May in full swing and summer right around the corner it’s hard not to catch the buzz and energy that comes with a change of season. We are riding that same wave of change, with the launch of our new website, podcast chats about sustainability in the fashion industry, and product updates that make using Fit Advisor easier for our clients and their customers.

WAIR Podcast Features

YellowFin Digital Podcast Featuring CEO Greg Moore

Greg Moore, a husband and father of three little crazy rambunctious boys, joins us to chat about his amazing technology that helps you sell more and get less returns because it helps customers know if your brand fits their body correctly. It points them to the right size for their body type. I assure you anybody can afford this technology and it’s going to help you grow your brand and sell more. Listen in on his advice on running an efficient business and scaling your brand.

Listen to the full podcast.

WAIR’s Greg Moore on the Fit Revolution for Fashion

Fit is job one for fashion brands hoping to win loyal customers. It’s also the sweet spot for WAIR, a company that is revolutionizing fit through data. CEO Greg Moore joins Digital River’s Natalie Wires for a deep dive on how his company is changing the way brands approach fit, design and supply, with data gathered from real-world, real-time body measurements.

Listen to the full podcast.

Fit Advisor Product Updates

Are your shoppers asking customer service for size assistance? Now it’s easy for your support team to link them to Fit Advisor directly from email or chat, helping your consumer find their best fitting size. Simply adding showpredict as a query parameter to your product URL will trigger the Fit Advisor plugin to automatically open once the page loads.

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