October 2021 WAIR Updates

With the peak shopping season just around the corner, we are actively improving our Fit Advisor platform with vital product updates to ensure that our brand partners navigate this important retail quarter as smoothly as possible. This season is poised to be an absolute breakout period for e-commerce and with these unprecedented levels of shopper traffic, valuable shopper data is ripe for the picking, data that will be essential in starting 2022 on a strong note. For brands currently in the budgeting stage for 2022, it’s not (yet) too late to be a part of this exceptional event that will singlehandedly shape your shopper insight for the coming year!

Fit Advisor Product Updates

A shopper using a virtual fitting room

In our October Fit Advisor Release, you will find the following WAIR enhancements:

  • We strive to provide a seamless shopping experience across all platforms, which is why we optimized mobile flow for new iPhone screen resolutions.
  • Sometimes a shoppers’ body doesn’t align with the available sizes for a specific product, therefore there is no adequate size for WAIR to recommend.  In these cases, WAIR now has the ability to suggest that there is not a recommendation available, vs. recommending the best available size.

While we are proud to bring our customers these great updates, we have a much grander vision for the rest of Q4. We highly value customer feedback and use it to continuously improve how we deliver the best overall shopping experience around size and fit. Stay tuned for what we predict is going to be a very exciting finish to 2021!   

7Diamonds is WAIR’s October, 2021 Feature Client!

7Diamonds was incorporated in the year 2000 with the mission of providing premium and fashion-forward everyday wear to the masses. As a brand that highly emphasizes customer success, 7Diamonds wanted to ensure that sizing strategy was properly conveyed and understood by their shoppers. Realizing that optimizing existing sizing charts and model dimensions is often a futile effort, 7Diamonds implemented WAIR to provide their shoppers with personalized and prescriptive size recommendations.

The results? An overall 12% increase in CVR and a 15% increase in AOV for shoppers that used WAIR! Read the full case study here

“We are so happy with WAIR and how seamless the functionality is on our site for users!
The elevated shopper confidence is clear with the uptake and AOV increase.”

Alana Roseli-Aguirre, Marketing Director @ 7Diamonds

Brands Boosted by WAIR

Experience WAIR on our brand partner’s websites!

The Classic T-Shirt Company is one of the brands boosted by WAIR
TAYLRD is one of the brands boosted by WAIR
Bad Birdie is one of the brands boosted by WAIR
The Classic T-Shirt Company is one of the brands boosted by WAIR

Lamenting the demise of the high-quality T-shirts of old, TCTC made it their mission to craft the most premium T-shirts that bring together both quality and integrity. Looking to complete their cycle of sustainability by slashing size-related returns to zero, they turned to WAIR as their sizing solution of choice!  

TAYLRD is one of the brands boosted by WAIR

TAYLRD shares our sentiment when it comes to the difficulties shoppers face finding the right fitting clothing. Their quality materials and versatile cuts provide clothing that fits the body, lifestyle, and budget of all men. Knowing that numeric-sized pants see some of the highest size-based returns, they chose WAIR to optimize their shopper’s sizing journey.

Bad Birdie is one of the brands boosted by WAIR

Established in 2017 with the goal of adding some flair to the contemporary golfer’s wardrobe, Bad Birdie clothing stands out while not compromising on performance or comfort. With sizing and fit of apparel being integral factors to one’s athletic performance, Bad Birdie knew that WAIR was the solution they needed.

A few final words…

We want to emphasize to our readers the opportunities that lie within the last few months of 2021. Shopper body data is the key to unlocking higher levels of personalization that most clothing brands do not explore. Don’t let this narrow window of opportunity shut for good, if you’re looking to join the list of brands that will capitalize on this rare opportunity, we would love to speak with you further!  

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