Are Sizing Solutions the Answer to Peak Holiday Strategies?

An e-commerce shopper buying clothing using sizing solutions

With focal point dates like Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, brands across all industries are running out of time to finalize their plans to navigate the peak shopping season. Many of us are still reeling from the supply shock of 2020 which has delayed delivery dates for shoppers significantly resulting in deteriorating customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Since apparel is poised to be the #1 e-commerce category this season, we thought it best to share some insight as to why sizing strategy should be at the top of your pre-holiday priority list. Brands who act quickly (and implement modern sizing solutions) will navigate the upcoming season with ease, all while gathering critical shopper data needed to start 2022 off strong.     

Can You Check Your Pockets Real Quick? No Measuring Tape?

One of the driving factors of the online sizing crisis is brand reliance on outdated sizing charts. Not only are your shoppers unlikely to even own a measuring tape, but the last thing they want to do when buying clothing online is play the role of personal tailor.

The likelihood of shoppers simply guessing their size or abandoning their cart altogether is much higher than them finding (or buying) a measuring tape and accurately sizing themselves up before purchase.

Reliance on sizing charts becomes a much greater problem during the holiday season. With no sizing options for gift buyers, clothing shopping for others becomes a near impossibility. This is a major source of shopper frustration that modern sizing solutions (like WAIR’s Fit Advisor) can solve.

Personalize or Perish

It’s a known fact in e-commerce that personalization drives conversions. Ensuring that personalization is present in all stages of the buyer’s journey, including the sizing process, should be a top priority for every clothing brand.

It’s a common practice for brands to first attempt optimization of their existing sizing strategy (by adding model dimensions, reviews, or an FAQ page) which may seem like an easy and affordable solution, knowing size communication is the root of the problem. However, half measures such as these tend to fall flat as well as continue the trend of brands placing the sizing burden onto the shopper.

Brands tend to take this approach because onboarding new technology just before the holiday season is a daunting scenario for many. WAIR is a bit different in that regard however, we have optimized our onboarding process to take as little time as possible and requires the minimum effort from your team. Our brand partner Legends is a prime example of this, we onboarded them in only 10 days and the process only cost their team 10 hours of their time!  

How Do Sizing Solutions Address Shopper Demands?

Size Recommendation for the WAIR Fit Advisor for female users

Recent e-commerce trends have revealed that personalization, ethical e-commerce, and seamless shopping experiences will drive conversions during peak shopping seasons. We are proud to say that WAIR addresses all of these core shopper needs as well as offering a few unique (and valuable) features of our own! 

Fit Advisor is a sizing tool that uses AI-driven, 3D technology to provide shoppers with personalized and accurate size recommendations. This tool seamlessly integrates into any e-commerce website and requires only basic body data from shoppers for them to obtain the best-fitting size in your brand.

Seamless sizing solutions like Fit Advisor also make gift buying a breeze for shoppers. As long as the shopper knows the recipient’s basic body dimensions they can purchase the most accurate size, every time. This not only cuts down on costly returns but also increases overall shopper satisfaction as you have made the gift-buying journey that much easier for them.

What Makes Fit Advisor Unique?

What makes Fit Advisor unique is its exclusive database of over 2 million body scans obtained from across the globe. These scans are the final word in size accuracy as Fit Advisor uses them to align each customer with the scan that perfectly matches their unique dimensions.

The benefits of Fit Advisor do not end there, however, as the body data collected from shoppers unlocks a goldmine of intelligence that can be used for targeted marketing, supply chain optimization, and much more! With the unprecedented influx of online shoppers this season, brands who soak up this shopper data will start 2022 in a very strong position.

Final Thoughts

It’s been predicted that 2021 will have the highest retail spending in nearly four decades. Pent-up demand from pandemic-level shutdowns and the influx of upcoming family gatherings will provide a tremendous opportunity for brands this season, one that few can afford to miss out on.

This window of opportunity however is closing fast, and brands that have procrastinated their sizing strategy for 2021 may fail to capitalize on this holiday shopping season. Don’t let this be you, now is the time to introduce your shoppers to a sizing tool that will not only enable them to efficiently shop for themselves and others, but also increase your conversion rates and reduce returns. 

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