September 2021 WAIR Updates

WAIR continues to expand its versatility and relevance in the world of fashion e-commerce. This past quarter has been especially busy as we’ve seen some amazing growth in business, usage, and product:

  • Several new and amazing brands have integrated the WAIR Fit Advisor to help their shoppers order the best fitting products
  • The WAIR Fit Advisor is now being used millions of times per month (an 875% usage rate increase since January, 2021)
  • The WAIR product has continued to evolve based on the combination of our internal vision and customer feedback and requests

Amongst the hustle and bustle of the back to school season, we wanted to provide our readers with a proper update on what we have been up to recently.

Fit Advisor Product Updates

A shopper using a virtual fitting room

In our September Fit Advisor Release, you will find the following WAIR enhancements:

  • Our Fit Advisor widget now supports international units for US, EU, and UK bra sizing.
  • Size recommendations now provide messaging to customers when an item is sold out, or when we are unable to find a product size that would provide an acceptable fit
  • Implemented support for Magento 2
  • The “Learn More” link in the Fit Advisor widget now provides better information about our product and how it works for shoppers and brands.

Legends is WAIR’s September, 2021 Feature Client

An athlete exercising while wearing Legends clothing

Designed to fill the void in the modern athlete’s wardrobe, Legends clothing provides a synergistic blend of the highest-quality materials and street-inspired silhouettes to provide athletes with the best both on and off the field. As Legends began experiencing high volume growth, they recognized the need for a true sizing solution but were concerned that the implementation process would be time-consuming and would divert vital resources from other company initiatives. Legends implemented WAIR’s Fit Advisor in March 2021. The process took only 10 days, cost their team less than 6 hours of their time, and has greatly improved their conversion rates, reduced returns, and boosted site engagement to all-time highs. Read the full case study here!  

“I wish we would have implemented WAIR right when we met with them. They are an amazing team who got us up and running quickly and painlessly. The Fit Advisor is highly used and regarded by our shoppers.”

Nick Lamothe, CMO The Legends Brand

Brands Boosted by WAIR

Experience WAIR on our brand partner’s websites!

Brands boosted by WAIR

As a brand that hails from a long line of golfers, craftsmen, and artists, Linksoul creates clothing with the renaissance man in mind. Numeric-sized pants are one of the highest returned items in e-commerce, so Linksoul decided to implement WAIR to ensure their shoppers got the right size on the first try.

Brands boosted by WAIR

Freedom and individuality are traits that have become synonymous with Frankly and their mission to create comfy, supportive, and fashionable clothing that doesn’t require a bra. With a diverse customer base, Frankly knew that a personalized sizing tool was essential for customer success.

Brands boosted by WAIR

Displeased with the lackluster offerings for men’s basics, Fresh Clean Tees made it their mission to redefine the classic tee shirt. As their Crew Neck Tee has become a wardrobe staple for men from all walks of life, Fresh Clean Tees decided that their sizing strategy could use a little boost.


As the holiday season quickly approaches, we remain committed to providing brands with the tools they need to reduce returns, drive conversions, and communicate sizing strategy to their shoppers. Sizing tools like Fit Advisor will prove invaluable in navigating the rough waters ahead and we look forward to supporting our brand partners through what is looking to be a record-breaking year for clothing e-commerce!

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