Data Driven Size and Fit Strategies

The largest companies in the world choose to work with WAIR to develop their size strategies to align with today’s consumer.

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Body Data as a Foundation for Fashion Tech

WAIR has exclusivity to the world’s largest network of 3D body scanners. This network and database enables WAIR the best understanding of the globalized human body.


The Scanner Network

3,000+ 3D body scanners operating in 55 countries are used to continuously capture validated 3D body scans.

Body Database

The Body Database

500K new scans per year (2M already collected) are coming from the Scanner Network.

The Human Body

The Human Body

Over 400 body measurements are processed from each scan and users enter enriched persona info.

Sizing and Fit Services

The key to unlocking a profitable business model and sustainable business is getting your sizing strategy correct.

WAIR Body Insights Platform

For those looking to perform sizing studies themselves or interact with reports following our professional services, our Body Insights Platform is just the solution. A cloud based solution that allows your designers, supply chain, and quality teams to access measurements, run Fit Coverage Analysis, and more atop millions of anonymized 3D body scans.

Access at your Fingertips

Conveniently access data, analytics, and reports from from any device at any time.

User Accounts

Allows users to focus on personal projects as well as review and interact with shared team projects.

Shared Projects

Work with your team to efficiently share information across the Body Insights Platform.

WAIR Body Insights Platform

The power of body data analytics, in the cloud and at your fingertips.
Population Access

Population Access

Develop custom populations based on gender, region, and other filters to define your target consumer.

Audience Filtering

Audience Filtering and Analysis

Subsample your body population by age, height, weight, and body measurements to further target your prospective customer.

Fit Coverage Baselining

Fit Coverage Baselining

Run Fit Coverage Analysis against various audiences and size specs to uncover hidden opportunities.

3D Body Model

3D Body Model Generation

Review 3D body shapes of consumers that are within or outside of your sizing strategy. Integrate avatars into your 3D tools.

Powerful Reporting

Powerful Reporting

Share actionable reports across teams and levels of the organization to support your sizing strategy decisions.

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