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Size Recommendation

WAIR helps your shoppers order the best fitting products. Brands choose WAIR because size and fit recommendation is just the beginning of our value.

Used by brands that care about fit

Accurate Size and Fit Strategies

Grounded in the world’s largest 3D body dataset, WAIR helps you optimize your business by aligning it with the bodies of your shoppers.

For ecommerce web experience

Fit Advisor Platform

The WAIR Fit Advisor integrates seamlessly into your e-commerce store to help shoppers order the best fitting sizes. Fit Advisor does this while capturing powerful data that helps your operating teams optimize design, inventory, and marketing decisions around the bodies of your shoppers.

For Product Decision Makers

Sizing Services

WAIR helps customers baseline, benchmark, and optimize their grade rules, regional inventory management, as well as integrate true-to-life 3D avatars into their digital workflows. These services are built atop WAIR’s database of 2,000,000+ 3D body scans captured in the last 4 years.

How it works

How WAIR Helps

WAIR adds value through every stage of the apparel process.


Full Stack Size and Fit Insights

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