The modern solution for personalized fit

Deliver a confident apparel shopping experience while increasing conversions and reducing returns.

A fully integrated solution

Solve immediate fit problems, grounded in deep customer insights.

Fit Advisor Plugin

Provide accurate size and fit advice recommendations while capturing enriched shopper intelligence.

Analytics Dashboard

Track optimized performance metrics and integrate personalized shopper insights throughout planning and sales cycle.

Solution add-ons

Empower tech design and go-to-market teams from a single, unified platform.

Fit Optimization

3D body data and proprietary algorithms generate updated size specifications for optimized fit coverage against your target audience.

Inventory Forecasting

Shopper size recommendations and metadata are used to predict inventory needs and size runs, down to the store level.

Ad Campaign Attribution

Optimized ad targeting for inventory full value sell-through, adjusting ad spend based on body data as well as enriched shopper data.

How we help

WAIR adds value through every stage of the apparel process.

    • Increase conversions and average order value
    • Decrease size-based returns with increased shopper confidence
    • Reduce stock-outs and increase sell-through
    • Personalize fit for every shopper
    • Target ads to customers who best fit your products
    • Increase ROAS
    • Optimize grade rules for your target audience
    • Identify opportunities for size adjustments to better align with customer body shapes
    • Analyze sizing performance across regions, channels, or segments
    • Increase shopper satisfaction
    • Reduce size-based confusion and returns
    • Stronger customer loyalty
    • Reduce post-seasonal waste and discount sales
    • Reduce size sampling
    • Move your business towards a zero waste model

WAIR powers apparel brands of all sizes

“WAIR provided solutions to enhance sizing and fit strategies throughout our entire company. Their data allows them to evolve further than any other company.”

Senior Director of Innovation
Fortune 500 Company

Surpass your performance goals

Stress free setup. ROI from day one.

Real-time shopper insights

Customer dashboard provides intuitive customization with live performance tracking.

Higher conversions

Size confidence leads to new customer acquisition and higher overall conversions.

Boost AOV, reduce returns

Optimized fit recommendations eliminate size sampling and boost cart value.

Join the brands building the future of apparel