We believe that delivering a frictionless, personalized shopping experience leads to greater sustainability.

A better future of apparel through fit

Our mission began with a goal to scan every body on earth. As our data set grew, we recognized a significant gap between body size and the sizing constructs defining the fashion industry today. While many brands have made impressive strides toward greater inclusivity, the gap between shopper needs and sizing has persisted. This misalignment leads to a reality where 50% of ecommerce shoppers expect to return items due to poor fit and 40% of apparel winds up discounted or wasted.

By pairing the largest and fastest growing source of body data in the world with advanced AI technology and robust analytics, we’re helping leading fashion brands design a future that delivers empowering fit while minimizing waste and maximizing profit. All of our products and solutions are built on our WAIR platform, which contains over 1.6M+ unique body scans, grows by 70,000 new scans each month and is personalized with dynamic shopper input.

When body data is at the center of fit solutions, apparel brands can impact every step of the process from ecommerce to inventory management.

Our Future

An ecosystem driven by body-first personalization

Design for the body dimensions of your shoppers

Plan inventory for the body shapes of your shoppers

Sell best fitting products to shoppers based on body dimensions

Target ads to prospects based upon body dimensions

Join the brands building the future of apparel