Accurate Size and Fit Recommendations

Fit Advisor is the e-commerce size and fit recommendation solution that offers the highest ROI.

Used by brands that care about fit

Predict The Best Fitting Size for Each Shopper

The WAIR Fit Advisor is the most efficient way to help your shoppers order the best fitting products, leading to more satisfied shoppers.

Do More with Powerful Body Data and Analytics

With each use, the WAIR Fit Advisor anonymously captures shopper body dimensions, location, and marketing attribution as well as products purchased, kept, and returned.

Easy & Accurate Integration

Get Started in Days, Not Weeks.

Our proprietary onboarding process ensures that you get up and running quickly and accurately from day one without any business disruption.

Step 1

Synchronize your product feed by providing e-comm store API info.

Step 2

Copy and paste 3 snippets to your e-comm theme.

Step 3

We will align sizing with your products and validate it’s accuracy.

Step 4

Launch Live. Our CSM team will ensure everything is operating correctly.

Ongoing Customer Success & Support

WAIR’s Customer Success Team will be omnipresent to ensure that your integration with WAIR is meeting and achieving your expectations.

“We take a customized approach with every client. We want to know what ‘success’ means to your brand”- Troy Stringer | WAIR Customer Success

Develop Goals with WAIR

Together we establish KPIs and goals based on the depth of your WAIR integration.

Account Analysis

We track alignment of your sizing strategies with your shoppers’ bodies to improve operations.

Quarterly Business Reviews

Your CSM will review your metrics to help you optimize the performance of your WAIR integration.

Join Brands Who Put Sizing and Fit Strategy First