Hi, We’re WAIR

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We wanted to formally introduce ourselves.

We’re WAIR, the AI-driven modern solution for a personalized fit. Our Fit Advisor technology brings the precision of an in-person dressing room try-on experience to online shopping by providing shoppers with personalized size recommendations based on their unique bodies. 

What We Do.

WAIR helps apparel brands and retailers – like Cuts Clothing, Rhone, Superdry, ACTA, Public Rec, FOR Days, and The Warehouse – unlock a more profitable and sustainable business model by aligning companies with the body dimensions of their shoppers. 

When brands and retailers implement our technology they unlock so much more than fit recommendations. As brands build shoppers’ confidence with accurate and personalized sizing experiences, they also produce a gold mine of intelligence. Not only does WAIR deliver insight into the shoppers’ unique bodies, but the technology also highlights individual shopping habits. This allows brands to reveal factors that influence customers’ buying decisions and more.

The benefits of WAIR technology don’t stop there. By helping brands better align with the body dimensions of their shoppers, WAIR ensures that clothes are produced to meet market demand, thus reducing waste throughout the entire supply chain. Minimizing overproduction and increasing sell-through and customer satisfaction, WAIR helps decrease the fashion industry’s carbon footprint.  

“The first and most crucial step is to help shoppers order the best fitting size as seamlessly as possible, this helps our customers immediately increase conversions and reduce returns by making size selection easy.  Then we use the resulting data to help our customers align their entire businesses with their shoppers’ bodies to further enhance profitability and sustainability.”

Greg Moore, CEO of WAIR

How We Do It.

Simply put, the WAIR Fit Advisor intake form quickly captures shopper information to allow WAIR to predict the dimensions of the shopper’s body.  We then align the shopper’s body with the intended fit of the product and recommend the best fitting size.  During this process, WAIR Fit Advisor captures shopper journey information like location, marketing campaign attribution, products purchased, kept, and returned, as well as product review information.  We tie shopper data together with their body to contextualize the entire journey based on body dimensions.  WAIR’s analytics engines then allow customers to make valuable and quantitative decisions based on the resulting data and analytics.

What Makes Us Unique.

A global overview of Fit Advisor's reach

We exclusively own access to over 2,000,000 3D body scans captured from its proprietary scanners deployed in 50 countries.  This dataset continues to grow by more than 750,000 unique scans each year.  This data is the foundation of WAIR’s body prediction IP as well as how we align prediction data with real 3D body data for our advanced analytics.  No one else has this data, and everyone wants it.


When compared against control groups, the WAIR Fit Advisor commonly increases conversions by 28% and reduces product returns by 21%.

Size and fit recommendations are just the beginning. We understand the true value of knowing the body dimensions of shoppers and we work closely with our customers to continue to unlock this treasure trove. For now, we’ve helped our customers:

  • Integrate actual shopper body dimensions into their product design, thereby increasing Fit Coverage
  • Optimize their size run forecasting (per channel & per region) based on the body dimensions, not just what sold last time
  • Optimize their marketing spend to focus on channels that drive shoppers that fit your available sizes
  • Optimize their marketing spend to focus on channels that drive shoppers that align with your sizing strategy

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