We are on a mission to make size selection confusion a thing of the past. There is no reason your shoppers should have to fidget with tape measures and a size table or evaluate their body shape vs. that of the clothing model. We developed Fit Advisor to completely remove this confusion so shoppers can exclusively focus on your brand. We will never stop innovating towards that cause.

We are continually taking in feedback from our customers, prospects and end-users, then integrating that feedback into the WAIR product roadmap. In the release notes below you will see the evolution of the best size and fit recommendation solution available today.

April 2021 | Fit Advisor 3.8.0

Released on April 7th, 2021

We spent March focused on improving the Dashboard and kicking off a series of updates to expand the value you can get from Fit Advisor. The first of these updates is focused on helping Customer Experience teams simplify sizing communication with shoppers.

Auto-open Fit Advisor for your shoppers

Are shoppers asking for size assistance? Now it’s easy to link them to Fit Advisor directly from email or chat, just add #showpredict to the product page url and the Fit Advisor plugin will automatically open when the page loads.

Fit Advisor Dashboard: New look + better performance

This release includes improvements the visual design and user experience of the dashboard, as well as an expanded feature set.

On the backend, we optimized our data warehouse so that it will perform seamlessly as your brand scales. Dashboard results have been optimized to load faster for larger data sets.

Faster onboarding for both dev and sizing teams

Whether you are just getting started with Fit Advisor, or are an existing brand moving to a new site, we want your dev team to have an easy time installing, customizing, and validating that Fit Advisor is running correctly.

This update contains improvements that allow Fit Advisor to be installed and customized by your team independently, without waiting for your custom size integration to be completed. Onboarding can now happen quickly with only a few simple steps,  while our team calibrates your sizing information to prepare for launch.

March 2021 | Fit Advisor 3.7.0

Released on Mar 3rd, 2021

Many customers request the ability to manipulate the Fit Advisor call to action (“CTA”) without the need to redeploy code on their e-commerce site. Now, Fit Advisor customers can simply login to their WAIR Fit Advisor dashboard (app.staging-getwair.kinsta.cloud) and modify the Fit Advisor placement and inline recommendation style. Don’t worry, we don’t override any of your custom configurations. If you still want to further customize the Fit Advisor CTA, you can do so.

Improved Performance

After a few months of tuning and optimizing, we reduced the code footprint by ~50%, which results in less data downloading. This minimizes the lag time when a shopper visits a product page and they can see the Fit Advisor CTA.

A New Look to Sizing Feedback Flow

If you’ve integrated WAIR Fit Advisor, you will know that our size alignment process is very unique. It allows us to nail in your sizing strategy regardless of the data you provide in the beginning. It also helps us to get up and running with accurate size and fit recommendations from day 1. While the functionality is amazing, the UX looked MVP (ish).

We have some really amazing ideas to expand the use of this technology, and so we wanted to put a nicer face on it. Now we can honestly say that the size feedback flow UX is as beautiful as the functionality.


In February, we focused heavily on advanced configurations, service performance, and onboarding experience.

February 2021 | Fit Advisor 3.6.0

Released on Feb 3rd, 2021

We spent the better part of January collecting customer and user feedback to create a more compelling Fit Advisor experience. Designed to delight your shoppers and continually improve your core performance metrics.

Intuitive fit preference

We cleaned up the UX for the Fit Advisor recommendation screen to allow shoppers to navigate to alternate sizes based on their unique fit preference.

We received consistent feedback that a “Fit Preference” screen was confusing and therefore causing friction in the shopper journey.  By removing the “Fit Preference” screen and allowing shoppers to see how alternative sizes fit their bodies, we provide confidence in size selection to include fit preference.

Optimized mobile experience

We’ve created optimized input forms and recommendation screens for both mobile and desktop shopping experiences.  The desktop flow takes advantage of the keyboard, where the mobile flow is much more intuitive.  Here are the improvements in the new version:

Faster load times

We want your shoppers to get their size recommendations with the least friction possible and we know performance matters. 

January 2021 | Fit Advisor 3.5.0

Released on Jan 13th, 2020

Overview and Main Purpose

  1. Enable a mobile first experience to further increase completion percentage
  2. Reduce the onboarding time for new customers to days, not weeks
  3. Reduce the time needed for current customers to launch new products with our service

What’s New

December 2020 | Fit Advisor 3.4.0

Released on Dec 3rd, 2020


Overview and Main Purpose

  1. Organize admin software to allow for multi-vendor retailers and enterprise customers
  2. Provide better customer dashboard with advanced analytics
    1. Evaluate the success of the integration
    2. Learn about usage patterns
    3. Learn about body shapes of Fit Advisor users on customer store
  3. Enable multi-variant size recommendation

What’s New

November 2020 | Fit Advisor 3.2.0

Released on Nov 4th, 2020


What’s New


October 2020 | Fit Advisor 3.1.0

Released on Oct 8th, 2020


What’s New


September 2020 | Fit Advisor 3.0.0

Released on Sep 2nd, 2020

Overview and Main Purpose

  1. Enable Inline size recommendations for higher conversions
  2. Allow for advanced UX configuration for more customization
  3. Launch robust analytics

What’s New

August 2020 | Fit Advisor 2.10.0

Released on Aug 14th, 2020

What’s New


July 2020 | Fit Advisor 2.9.0

Released on July 22, 2020

What’s New


June 2020 | Fit Advisor 2.8.0

Released on July 1, 2020


What’s New


May 2020 | Fit Advisor 2.7.0

Released on June 10th, 2020

What’s New

March 2020 | Fit Advisor 2.0.0

Released on March 10th, 2020

Overview and Main Purpose

  1. Replace actual 3D scanned body segments with size appropriate illustrations
  2. Allows shopper to set preference per product
  3. Allows shopper to understand how the product will fit his / her body

What’s New

Fit Advisor – Beta

WAIR Fit Advisor Beta
Virtual Fitting Room beta version

What’s New

  1. Integrate alpha version into a product plugin
    • Shoppers enter height, weight, age, gender
  2. Onboard beta customer to ingest clothing sizing specifications
  3. Deploy product on beta site to evaluate:
    • End-user use and completion rate
    • End-user conversion and size selection confidence

Fit Advisor – Alpha

What’s New