Solve fit challenges at scale

Reimagine what’s possible when your customers’ bodies are at the center of your business.


Used by fast-growing apparel brands

Boost conversions and reduce costs

Confident fit with every order

Give your shoppers personalized and accurate size recommendations, validated by WAIR body data and patented AI while generating powerful insights to optimize your business. 

Confidence in size selection leads to higher conversion, lower returns and stronger brand loyalty.

Shopper Body Intelligence

Track and analyze shopper behaviors based on interaction with size recommendations from products purchased to products returned. 

With knowledge of your customers’ body dimensions, paired with WAIR data and AI, you can leverage these insights to optimize design, planning, forecasting, targeting and sales.

  • Multi-part Fit Recommendations

    Advises shoppers on multiple fit points for each garment, which is especially essential for items that offer multiple styles or length variation.

  • Inline Recommendations

    Shoppers complete a quick survey once, then see their best size on every product they visit, even when they come back to shop later.

  • Cohort Analysis

    Compare Fit Advisor traffic against a control cohort for true A/B tested conversion analytics. Relate returning and first-time shopper performance to drive more specific actions.

  • Predicted Body Dimensions

    Instead of asking shoppers to reference competitor brands, recommendations are based on predicted body dimensions for that specific shopper.

  • Integrated Return Insights

    Incorporate your returns data into the analytics dashboard for more context on net-conversions and body shapes of returned orders.

  • Seamless Shopper Experience

    Customize visualizations and interactive elements of the Fit Advisor plug-in from the dashboard to fit seamlessly into your site.

Quick, stress free and flexible setup

Simple integration

Works with all leading ecommerce platforms

ROI from day one

The WAIR Advantage

WAIR solutions use the most accurate body prediction technology, built on top of the largest and fastest growing 3D body data capture network. With body data at the center of the apparel stack, brands can revolutionize every aspect of their business from ecommerce to inventory management.