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Rhone integrated WAIR to help increase conversions and reduce returns… then they began digging into the data and are now optimizing operating strategies as a result of
the data.

“WAIR’s understanding of each shopper’s body enables us to improve our curernt inventory strategy as well as our future size and fit strategy”

Adam Bridegan, CRO at Rhone

Customer Stories

Your Success is all that Matters

“When we added WAIR’s Fit Advisor, our conversion rate went from 2.25% to 2.7% and our returns reduced from from 20% to 12%.”

Steven Borrelli

CEO at Cuts Clothing

“We integrated Fit Advisor in days and it only required 1-2 hours of my team’s time. The WAIR team is amazing to work with.”

Jason Richardson

CEO at Bad Birdie

“Thank you and your team for literally making this the easiest integration ever.”

Mandy Harrell

Brand Manager at Wearever

Superdry chose WAIR to benchmark and optimize their grade rules to develop the best fitting clothing for the Superdry shopper.

“Amongst the competition, we chose to work with WAIR to develop our global sizing strategy. Their datasets were magnitudes larger and their tools were light years ahead of any competitor.”

Deborah Painting, Head of Tech Design & Quality

Linksoul felt that they had low returns, but knew as they attracted new shoppers that their returns would grow. They decided to get ahead of that by integrating WAIR’s Fit Advisor.
“WAIR provided frictionless and accurate size recommendations that kept shoppers focused on our brand.”
McGregor Button, VP of Marketing at Linksoul

Minimizing Returns Opens Opportunity

WAIR helps you clearly communicate the best fitting size to every shopper for every product, helping to create sustainable growth potential.

With the WAIR Fit Advisor in place, ACTA could focus their attention on areas outside size communication and e-commerce product returns for size and fit.

Taylor Brown


WAIR decreased returns for size and fit reasons from 48.75% to 17.5% in 2 months. This was huge as Wearever’s product could not be repackaged and resold.

Mandy Harrell

Brand Manager at Wearever

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